Using the Contract builder

What it can and can't do

The Contract builder is a tool to help artists negotiate an agreement. Direct sales, sale or return, exhibition and residency agreements are covered.

The contracts toolkit can:

  • help you prepare a proposed agreement to send to someone you are dealing with such as a buyer or gallery
  • help you to react to an agreement which has been prepared by someone else
  • provide a detailed checklist of issues to be discussed and mutually agreed as part of the negotiation process
  • suggest appropriate phrases and specific clauses that can be incorporated within an agreement or letter
  • provide information on the definition of certain legal terms particular to contracts
  • provide general guidance on the importance and purpose of specific terms and clauses commonly found within contracts.

The contracts toolkit does not:

  • Replace the need for careful and considered preparation and negotiation of an agreement specific to a given situation
  • replace the need for a solicitor or other expert to check that all the provisions for a given situation have been considered
  • protect the user from breach of contract by the other party
  • act as a substitute for taking legal or other expert advice relevant for your particular situation.

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