Contracts checklists

1 Using the gallery, dealer and agent checklist

The following checklist covers many of the issues that arise when artists enter into an arrangement with a private gallery, dealer or agent. The checklist takes the form of a series of subject headings below which are a number of questions to consider. Further explanation of the issues relating to each question is available as popup notes.

Relationships between artists and gallery/dealers and agents are not static. As the profile of the artist and their sales increase, the number of exhibitions/art fairs at which they are represented and all other areas of the gallery's work for the artist also increases (publicity, promotion, documentation etc).

If an artist's work changes direction or their output reduces, the gallery/dealer may choose to reduce the emphasis give to that artist for a period. The key to a successful relationship is to treat it as a 'marriage', where there is give and take on both sides to work out any issues as they arise, with a focus on a long-term and mutually beneficial future.

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