Using the toolkit

The purpose of the toolkit is to:

  • encourage you to decide what your target annual earnings are;
  • assist you in working out what the cost to an employer of paying that rate is;
  • help you work out the number of days a year on which you can really work;
  • calculate your daily 'labour only' rate - this is the rate you would need to charge to achieve your earnings target if you had no other costs as an artist;
  • calculate the daily disbursements you are likely to recharge;
  • help you work out your annual overheads as an artist, and then translate these to a day rate;
  • combine all these components into an overall day rate;
  • provide you with a document to justify that rate if challenged to do so;
  • provide an estimate for a piece of work.

In all that's an ambitious programme, but it's not as daunting as it might seem. In particular, do remember that absolute precision is not necessary in all that follows. It's quite acceptable for a figure to be a 'good enough' estimate and in most cases it will do little to invalidate the outcome.

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